Regenerative healing in the scandanavian tradition

Our Mission

We all face challenges in our bodies and minds. We all experience imbalances and ways in which our physical or mental processes just don’t seem to work rightly. Many who have tried traditional approaches but were concerned about the expense or side effects of those approaches have started to explore energetic healing. 

We work with higher order Beings to help restore you to functionality. We are traditional Scandinavian Pagan healers, an ancient tradition still practiced today.

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Contact and Cosmology: Extraterrestial Contact and Man’s Search for Meaning by Georg Breckmann on Amazon Now!

Alien contact with our planet and our human species is a topic of increasing interest in the 21st Century. Are we simply looking for “sky brothers” to come bail us out of insufferable Terran (earthly) conditions that we have created? Is our interest just a form of escapism? Or is our interest driven by the breakdown, at least partially, of the government /military / media “truth blockade” where real information on sightings of extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional craft and / or their occupants can no longer be ignored?

We have all seen the anomalous lights in the sky or heard from trusted friends who have. We have seen the polls which show increasing interest in the subject. We want to know: are we alone?

Most importantly, this anthology explores the existential question: What if we are not alone? There is no dogma here, no set answers, just a free-ranging exploration of the topic and an embedded wish for the global condition, the human condition, to be uplifted, and the author’s own voluntary encounter with Nordics points toward a possible way forward, according to at least one set of ET beings.


The Seiðr: Meditative Paradigms for the Counsel of Our Folk: Thomason, Thomason, Calli: 9798398085495: Books

This work contains the meditative paradigms of the ancient Norse faith. Written down only in the twentieth century after many centuries of solely oral transmission, this version from the Tennessee Valley Forn Sidr Kindred in North Alabama seeks to make these ancient wisdom teachings and spiritual practices easy to understand and follow for the contemporary reader.

Check out our podcast where we discuss the importance of connecting to our ancestral roots, and power of the Seiðr. In Episode 5 of our podcast “Shamanic Voices” at around 30:00 we read the first paradigm so you can experience it yourself.

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