How to Listen

Relax by sitting, lying, or resting comfortably with closed eyes. With eyes remaining closed, roll the eyes up, aiming at the point inside the forehead directly between both eyes and about an inch above the midpoint of the eyebrows. Breathe in through the nose to willfully expand the abdomen. Breathe deeply and slowly, observing your breathing. Relax the muscles and picture all the tensions of the body flowing down and out through you to the earth beneath where you sit or lie to be grounded by the earth. Simply observe, but do not react, to any thoughts and feelings that may arise. Let thoughts emerge, expand, and dissolve. Stay focused, yet relaxed, and let thoughts flow away from your attention as easily as they came. This phase of meditation may take as little as five breathes for the experienced meditator, or as much as several minutes for a more busy-minded individual.

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The Seiðr: Meditative Paradigms for the Counsel of Our Folk: Thomason, Thomason, Calli: 9798398085495: Books

This work contains the meditative paradigms of the ancient Norse faith. Written down only in the twentieth century after many centuries of solely oral transmission, this version from the Tennessee Valley Forn Sidr Kindred in North Alabama seeks to make these ancient wisdom teachings and spiritual practices easy to understand and follow for the contemporary reader.