Why Tietajar Path is as It Is, Not a 6-month Online Course to be a “healer”

Reflecting on a conversation with a woman with a mid-six-figure husband, who flits around like a butterfly taking course after course, getting certification after certification, who just wanted to get a certificate or diploma as a Tietaja, so that she could add that to her elaborate curriculum vitae:

After our conversation last night, I was thinking of the role of the healing priest, whether Taoist, Kichwa, or our own. If it were enough to simply pray for release from illness, then the billions of persons who believe in a transcendent power would simply ask that their afflictions be lifted and- Shazam! It would happen. If it were as simple as the healer’s Seeing the person’s heart, for example, returning to its original and perfect working order by asking for this, again, there’d have been no need for Cardiology or even for herbalists in various cultures to discover those herbs which help our hearts work better. 

It would have been a simple matter of the minister, sensitive within the family (long before the variou$ healing cult$ were established), or other intermediary’s simply picturing and asking for this return to correct function. That is why in several areas, notably within Ayurveda and some of the healers of India, the Taoist “folk doctors” of China, and our own tradition, it was expected that you have learned enough to understand that a pain in calf is not always coming from the back, coming down, but can also be “coming up,” that is to say, being generated by conditions within the ankle and foot, and that spine-referred conditions, if they descend, will not skip the pelvis along the way. Hence, a patient’s pain when walking was still there after the prior day’s treatment, that worked only from a spinal perspective, and it was very, very hard for her to walk up three low steps because, even if the lumbar degeneration had been perfectly dealt with, it was not the whole issue. 

That is why our path is one of deferred gratification, where the priest or priestess in training learns to listen to the symptoms, to the system, the manifestation, then goes down the ‘decision tree,’ as it’s known in Logic, resolving, testing, and re-testing to get to the root(s) of the problem. Ignoring one root means that the Seeing was not complete and no matter how pure and good the Intention to heal (and I know it’s there) is, this can leave the matter unresolved.

So, what we try to do is this fusion of what later comes to be known as the scientific method and use of our intuition, Seeing, and summoning of the transcendental Powers to aid our patients. It all works together as a dance of healing. If this were not how it worked, then I could just wish her healing to be completed, surround the spine (because that’s where I decided it had to originate) returned to its original, perfect function, and, Shazam!, it would have happened. That would certainly be a lot simpler! Lol.  

Here, at the most absurd edge of this is the woman whose husband, again, has the top paying blue collar job and pays her to stay busy when he’s away for long periods of time, providing her with make-work. He built her a massage studio, but that wasn’t enough. As a waitress with a fifth grade education, she always felt that people like to talk to her, give her their life story because she is so sensitive and special. In prayer (avid Catholic), she heard Mother Mary ask her to go “heal the masses,” and found Delores (the Mayans who built large cities later abandoned, were taken up by spaceships) Cannon’s “Quantum” Hypnosis (I met her and spoke with her at Transformation Converence in 2013 and she had zero idea what Max Plank meant by quanta or how the theories of Quantum Physics were supposed to work -Cannon just grabbed the snazzy- science-sounding word). After a few month’s course in this, our waitress felt qualified to do the work of a psychiatrist, putting people into trances, exploring their past lives, and doing therapy with them on what emerges… Instant MD? Can you say instant gratification for a narcissist and a danger for her clients?

   So, this is why our path of study is as wide and deep as it is. It is not some arbitrary way of causing people to spend years in intense study, learning useless things when they could’ve just used a cosmic shortcut and healed the issue with a good wish or the waving of a magic wand. No, it emerged as a real need to blend the logical and intuitive, to use th logical to filter the intuitive and to direct, to aim it, so that one suspects, based on the symptoms, at probable origins of the disorder, disturbance, imbalance, or injury. That is how the system you are studying now came about. 

People not following this use of the dual knowledge streams are not evil; they are not necessarily seeking to self-aggrandize by taking on the mantle of a physician without actually  doing the hard work to become one. Many sincerely want to help, but their lack of in-depth training risks that they failed to see the whole picture that the patient’s body presents and what they missed, or did not know to explore might come back to haunt them, and their patient, later. That is why our training is as comprehensive and in depth as it is and why shortcuts risk the patient’s outcome.

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