Jessica – May 2024

Laurie – January 2024


Bryan – January 2023

Bryan, now a student, came originally to purchase a couple of the energy healing devices that we created, but as is such there are no coincidences. We ended up doing work to free him from a spirit of hopelessness that had been working to sabotage him through his life. This encounter in turn led him to become a student. Recently he suffered a serious injury to the left hand, a break of the 4th metacarpal, and here is his testimonial to the effectiveness of the work that we did to repair the broken hand.


Michelle & Maureen – May 2022

Michelle presented with one leg shorter than the other, causing pelvic tilt and postural issue. She also had pancreatitis and hepatitis. You can see how, during the healing process, these and other issues emerged and were dealt with using shamanic healing.


Margaret- June 2019

 Margaret presented with a half golf ball sized round protrusion in forehead. In the video, she describes how other health issues were subsequently discovered and surmounted.


Trui – January 2017

Trui has done physically demanding work his whole adult life. His hobby is riding large motorcycles. Between these forces, he’s sustained some very harsh injuries. Let him share with you how shamanic energetic healing in the native Scandinavian tradition gave him back his mobility and mitigated his pain.