An Accidental Test

I was planning to slowly bring in a few people who showed the aptitude and motivation to learn something approximating the kind of rigorous Tietajar training that was done by some in the old tradition. Of course, in modern America, folks can’t live, work, and study in one area while learning for several years- there’s no financial ‘glue’ to hold such a project together. No one here would be willing to put his / her career such as one might see in a CV on Linked In on hold to accomplish such a thing. And why, from a contemporary American perspective, would they? There is no awards ceremony, no framed certificate, no ‘reference’ nor “transcript,” just powers one earns that make a difference.

Accordingly, I decided to be open to meeting such potential trainees on my travels. Remote learning can’t be that bad, as i have spent much more time training with one who lives in another region of the country as with one here due to circumstances. The one here can afford to buy whatever course is desired and so is able to avoid the in person training in herbal lore, the patient, slow process of gathering, picking, preparing, extracting, and the lore that we learned in our Global Herbal Applications part of our training. Here as with other aspects of training, it was necessary to realize I can’t replicate Tietajar training as i was fortunate enough to to have been able to experience it, so, as with the larger programme, am content to think of Tietajar-influenced training as “Teutonic Healing,” hence the name of our site.

In a meeting last year one of the people there, who had seemed to have mastered many alternative treatment methods, expressed interest in training and this spring in a visit to the Midwest, expressed it in person. She even asked if she could sit in on some sessions during my visit this spring. I explained that no client was expecting that and it would had to have been set up in advance with their permission, but that I would be traveling to Co for a clinic in several weeks. Would she like to go there with me? It would be an opportunity to discuss at length, the Tietajar way. It would afford a chance to work directly with some clients and to brief afterward on what was done and why. I offered to pay a flat amount, a few hundred, if we used her car, and gas, food, and to share one fourth of what was donated as a training stipend.

This person is self employed, has her own thriving energetic healing business and said she thought she could move appointments around. Not having pets nor roommates, again, for her, it seemed simple. For me, the two day drive would be much easier when there is another driver to share the hours on the road.

She got back to me with needing in addition to have a separate room rented for her both on the way and when on site. I shared the perspective that we’d flip a coin as to who got the couch and who got the bed, but i did not charge enough to pay for two rooms. In her reply, she mentioned nothing of the training and only said that she could not be troubled to move her appointments around for that week and so could not be a ‘co-driver.’

I found this an interesting perspective. She seemed put out at the notion of putting her business on hold for a week, while those of us, all of us who studied there in prior decades, put our CV’s, careers, basically our lives on hold for several years, not weeks, to learn this.

I thought of Bryan, who in the middle of being in a prestigious and demanding university full time and working full time and buying a home, managed to make a few trips down here for training. I thought of how Calli once came for an appointment and waited an hour for a client whom i had to call to remind that she had an appointment who claimed she’d just fallen asleep and forgotten the 5pm time for it, yet who waited while kids had to be looked after, and made the appointment anyway. I thought of how with each of them, they carved time out of very demanding, full schedules to come learn this, as now Calli continues learning on her own with courses on related topics. By contrast, what I asked of this lady was really minimal; ;you said you want to train- well, here’s a chance to get some intense experience and in depth training..

I had never looked at this as any kind of ‘test’ for who was serious about learning this art or was not. During the same set of clinics in the Midwest, two other persons had expressed similar interest. In one case, again, a very good background for learning this, self-employed, but unwilling to go learn. In another, someone with an academic background which lends itself to building on our kind of skills, the employer gave her blessing to go do this and what i offered to pay, the 300 for use of car and quarter of fees, would have been more than twice what she’s getting on trainee job in a very nice alternative shop, but, again, unwilling to go do it. This same young one, when i asked her if this was okay with her male roommate / POSSLQ, said she was “independent” and “make my own decisions.” Despite this, I told her I wanted to meet this guy to let him know that it was straight up just a training arrangement, nothing more, which he understood. Amusingly enough, the next day, Ms. Independent texted me to say that her Mom wanted to know more about he spa. I sent her names and contact information on the owner and manager so that they could ask any lingering questions. I also sent their listing in a registry of hot springs, resorts, and spas in that state. The next text from Ms. Independent was that she would not be going but might “consider’ another training opportunity at a future time.

So in retrospect, the Fates were ‘testing’ these people for readiness to actually just commit to learning the way. Some others have said, for years, something like “Why don’t you show me some of your tricks so I can add them to what I already do and get more clients?” It was always a painful discussion. I’d explain that was we do, like rebuilding tissue or organs, or psychic surgery, are not “tricks” but an outgrowth of how you change yourself through a demanding discipline and alignment with the Shining Ones. It is not and never was a bag of ‘tricks’. Well, I’m sure some very few will trickle in who have the proper motivation and sense of priorities to learn this. While the ‘test’ was unplanned and incidental, it did weed out the insincere.

So, driving 1400 miles, two day journey, each way across country on my own meant exhaustion on return trip, a late start out on return trip, multiple stops not to be feeling sleepy on way back, and having to pay $100 more to rental car company for a day’s later return. A vital laboratory for learning was forfeited as was the experience, had any of the three been serious, to work with varied clients in a lovely, exotic location, even if it was inconvenient to their current schedules, despite having been asked weeks in advance.

The Fates have Their way of sorting people out in our lives. This experience was just a reminder of that.

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