Closing the Loop

As Tietaja or Teutonic Healers, we try to mediate with Higher powers, Gods and Goddesses, on behalf of persons who are in need. This could be a serious illness or it could be a life challenge or an emotional storm or mental dysfunction. Whatever is beyond our immediate skill set as healers, we, in our second role as priests, ask for Their intervention.

The modern ‘self-help’ individualism, which denies the important of a community or even a life partner to a fulfilled life, that same cult of individualism tends to lead those influenced by it to think and say something such as, “Why do I need a priest or priestess? If I want to speak with any Higher order Being, I can just dial them up on my own. Such orders as any kind of priesthood are irrelevant.” Given the corruption in some congregations or money-grubbing, or self-apotheosis in the pulpit, or child abuse by clergy, such disrespect for that minority whom this describes is understandable. Yet there is a role, as with any other person with specialized or in-depth knowledge, the priest or priestess can introduce you, as it were, to the Divine personality and can help to explain Their being to you. This makes the sought-after healing assistance much more likely to occur.

I have seen, however, a real process at work as a healing priest wherein out attitudes as querants, or if you will, supplicants, affects the outcome of what we seek. Let us imagine that you are a modern, dissociated Westerner with no village, no tribe (unless you’re from a subgroup weaponized by hidden controllers and mass propaganda to disrupt the greater society) and whose relations do not live near you. Imagine that you need something from your old great uncle Charlie, who lives on the other side of the country. Growing up, you barely and only occasionally got to visit with your own grandparents who, likewise, lived distantly, but while you heard about Uncle Charlie, Grandma’s brother, you never met him. BUT, now, you heard that he won a sweepstakes and you really need to borrow a down payment on a home, but your credit is not optimal. You want to get the loan, and maybe you’re even legitimately wanting to get to know this guy and more of your family lore.

Fact is, you know nothing about him. You’ve never even met him. So, if you were going to reach out to him on email or make a phone call, you’d probably do some research first and try to get to know him vicariously prior to speaking with or writing him. That would certainly increase your chances of success. The modern materialistic or nihilistic person really has no frame of reference, likewise, for an eternal and higher intelligence. Worse, those who are religiously indoctrinated often have been programmed to shut out all wisdom traditions of other cultures as “mythology,” while imagining theirs as history or theology and some sort of immutable and eternal truth.

Given this set of circumstances, I have often asked for and received assistance from the Nordic and Finnish Deities with Whom I commune and my colleagues in Teutonic Healing do the same. We do not care what culture or religion the client came from: we all fight the same battle against suffering, disability, and disease. We all want to be as functional and healthily alive for as long as we can be.

What does seem to pop up, and this is observation, not dogma, is that when a person gets to know “Uncle Charlie” even slightly, and expresses and actually feels gratitude, this makes a huge difference in the how well the healing holds.

In one case, a person with a lot of perks, an apparently easy and certainly successful life, was stricken inexplicably and suddenly with metastatic cancer. He dithered, a real “people pleaser” and, while afraid of the protocols of conventional medicine, had trouble just telling all the concerned friends and family who repeated the party line of chemo, surgery, radiation. So, he wanted to do both, do both our spiritual approach and the full allopathic one to please all those whose opinions he had to consider, rather than just telling all around him that he knew what to do and would do it his way, so quit pressuring him…

When we finally connected and I was able to do a system scan, and call in active healing from Gods and Goddesses, the excruciating headache which had been present for 4 months, and whose cause, according to the oncologist and brain specialist consulted, was four growing tumors, went away immediately. Other symptoms changed quickly, too.

I never had time, as he was so difficult to connect with, and, even when I was in the area, to have an appointment with (not sure he could square this with his wife, who doesn’t believe in the “woo woo” stuff…) him as he was too busy to allow for a proper in-person energetic cleansing ritual. In that ritual, I would have explained Those upon Whom I called for help, how I Saw (in the inner eye) Them helping him, and would have explained all of it. There simply was not time, and he was not going to make time.

Gratitude not to me, nor my colleagues, who helped in another, brief virtual meeting with him, would have made a difference. We opened the loop by Asking for supernatural and divine assistance. But he did not thank Them for the intervention. There was not even a curiosity about or recognition of Those who created the turn around. I don’t know the present status, but I heard that whatever bodily state that allowed the disease to form may have returned. He was neither grateful nor did he even ask about Those who granted him release from the grip of that disorder.

On the other hand, four years ago, I helped a lady from another culture and faith, who presented a similar issue. She took time, even coming from several states away, to be here. She was curious about Those who came to help her. I told her that neither They nor I sought to dissuade her from her current religious path, but only to help her. She wanted to understand and connect with the Diving personages who came to help. When we finished, she felt her abdomen shrink by (she later told me she measured this) several inches and the liver was cleansed. She thanked Freyja and felt that she saw the Goddess walk through the wall of the healing room and stand over her. I was out of the room at that moment, but her joy and gratitude were heartfelt.

Four years later, the very serious issue has not reemerged and she is otherwise quite healthy. Very simply, she got to know, felt real gratitude toward, and expressed this toward a God and Goddess who came to help her. She did not feel that this was just one more perk, people’s fussing over her and trying to save her because she’s special and that’s just what people do for her. No, she was humble, authentic, and heartfelt in what she shared with me. I think this kind of mindset makes a difference.

The closing of the loop of healing with gratitude is the end of the process, but even during the process, expectations and attitudes matter. Clients who are open to the healing, those who are not comparing what i do as a shaman with some sensationalized account by a best-selling anthropologist of what someone in a preliterate culture did in a healing will not be disappointed if there’s not an earthquake the moment his shoulder stops hurting. It seems to work best if a person simply relaxes and is open minded, without preconceptions, but hopeful for a positive result. We can all tend to shift things in our encounters, so if someone came for a session and wanted to disprove the effectiveness of what we do, such a person with an agenda can make that happen- a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Those who approach the session looking for entertainment, for me to light incense and rub feathers over them to open the session, who are seeking exotic rituals, will not find it, nor with my fellow healers. Rather, we seek to relieve the condition that my oppress you, and, when appropriate, ask for Higher intervention. Sometimes a person does not even know that the process has moved forward until afterward, by the progressive lessening and or disappearance of symptoms. It may not be entertaining or sensational, although sometimes, as it was with the lady who flew in for her session, but it will be real and is usually effective.

The knowledge, even a little, of Those who may come through for you and gratitude toward Them is simply an exchange of energies. They helped you recover function and or quality of life and you gave energy and connection to our Middle Earth realm to Them in return. They did not ask your fealty, or even belief, just appropriate acknowledgement. As has often been said by Pagan theologians, the Godin are not merchants. They are not bartering with us. When we reach out to Them, we are going outside our own dimension and cannot project human qualities onto Beings far beyond who we are. The act of gratitude, as opposed to entitlement, is a way of aligning ourselves, internally, to receive Their blessing, not some sort of test which They require of us. As with all transactions in energetic or spiritual healing, the mind-state, the attitudes that one enters into the encounter with matters. You are a co-creator of your healing, much as you have been a co-creator of your reality.

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