Real Hunger Games are about to Begin

by Greg Rowe 

We ordinarily focus on health issues and alternative healing. This post will concern what I feel shall emerge as a major issue in public health: the coming planned food shortages of which President Biden foreshadowed in one of his speeches. There is even a larger, darker theme to this, as we speculate that a submerged, secretive, elite group has planned this and is carrying out other catastrophes. It is a bit reminiscent of Toynbees conjecture this history is always a race between education and catastrophe. We might rephrase it a bit and think that it is now a race between awakening and catastrophe.

There are four major developments that lead toward food shortages or outright starvation for much of US before end of year:

1. Uncle Saul’s embargo of Russia means that our farmers lack the 70% of their fertilizer needed for this and next years’ crops as Russia was the primary supplier.

2. State of California’s regulations on trucking mean that only newer trucks are allowed the privilege of removing cargo from the docks at Long Beach, guaranteeing that your made-in-China appliances can take six months to order and receive. This also means that the vegetables, nuts, and fruits with which CA supplies the rest of the country cannot be transported to it.                                     Only 20% of our truck fleet are California compliant: Trucks with 2010 or newer engines are fully compliant with both the Truck and Bus and Drayage regulations. The exchange of marine or rail cargo (e.g. containers) between compliant and noncompliant drayage trucks is not allowed anywhere in California. › pdfsPDF “A Guide to California’s Clean Air Regulations for Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles”

The new “clean diesel” requirements will mean a great reduction in use of agricultural and other infrastructure machinery. All must now use ULSD (ultra low sulfur diesel) and all NRLM (non-road diesels) must comply to stringent environmental regulations passed under Obama in 2014, a standard most small farms will struggle to meet. Worse, the computer-driven machinery of all newer farm equipment will shut down if “excess” emissions are detected, making certain that we’ll soon be importing food from countries who have never heard of EPA regulations. For further context, read in “The Power Conundrum- Farm Equipment.” An entry from October 8, 2020 Diesel Technology Forum suggests that more than 60% of farm equipment in the USA is powered by diesel fuel. It transports 90% of our products and pumps one fifth of our water. (referencing agricultural products and irrigation water).

3. And to add to our picture, where starvation is set up to complete the job which the poisoned “vaccines” for COVID started, food processing centers have been burned, mysteriously, over past six months. Where’s federal law enforcement on this one? › …EXCLUSIVE: Food shortages magnified by string of destroyed food processing facilities – The Western Standard

“Food shortages have been exacerbated by a string of fires, plane crashes and explosions at nearly two dozen food processing facilities …”

4. If the dwindling supply of fertilizer is then prevented from reaching farmers in time for planting, then the situation is compounded, obviously, as planned. “Union Pacific Rail has hit some companies with mandated shipping reductions…..affecting fertlizer going to states that grow…”

So, let’s zoom out and look for a larger perspective. Bible has always been a blueprint for the cryptocracy and the “prophecies” are believed to be such only by the goyim, the outsiders.  If we expand it beyond simply the food shortages and the privatization of water, the buying up of farmland by Gates Foundation, such that he can ensure that thousands of acres cease to produce food, the action of a man who has openly called for reduction in the global population, a larger picture emerges. The elites, no doubt at the Rothschild level, are using the Bible prophecies as their blueprint, their action plan. We can even see this in their ginning up war between Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine’s Zionist (“Zionist” by no means refers to all members of Jewish faith, any more than all Sicilian-Americans are Mafia- only a tiny sliver of one percent would and the fact that there is a robust peace movement in Israel belies any such stereotype.) leadership under Zelensky, is “King of the South” and Putin is seen as “King of the North.” It is obvious that they are hoping to force the return of their prophecy’s Messiach or Messiah through making global events as nearly mimic the anti-life, anti-human, counter evolutionary “prophecies” of the Bible as possible.                                                                        The Masonic-Bilderberg-Rothschild-Reptilian elite always knew the ”four horsemen” of the Apocalypse was something which they would create. We have had the first horseman, most of whose vaccinated victims have only begun to fall. Subsequent waves of illness are being created in ‘gain of function’ laboratories funded by WHO, Gates Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, etc. A variant of Marburg, Ebola, or similar hemhoragic fever is said to be the next plague, and I’m sure the lockdowns will be more draconian and the vaccines even more ruinous.                                                      This planned food shortage is Famine, the third horseman, merchant holding. Scales on a black horse in Revelation and also discussed in Zechariah and Ezekiel.                                                                                                       But the prior one, War, could well happen as the 2014 Obama/Biden/Needleman (Nuland) initiative, carried out by Soros’ mercenaries to install pro-Western government in Kiev and gradually pull Ukraine firstly into EU, and then into NATO guaranteed some sort of response from Russia. Latest word is the US is planning to fly and ship heavy arms into Ukraine, over which Russia has sattelite surveillance and all of which is in range of its cruise missiles, almost a guaranteed conflict.                                  So, we can see how mass brainwashing by three cults of linear apocalypse can cause massive acceptance of the notion that all this death and destruction is inevitable, “God’s (or Allah’s) Will”.   Only when we overthrow this mind-rape will we cease to accept such events and begin to resist planned mass tragedies. While it is natural for those of us who do not go about doing intentional harm to others to have difficulty imagining global coordination of such a thing, we have only to remember that in “Covid: The Great Reset” by Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum lays out their plans to depopulate the world down to 1 billion. All your political leaders go to Bilderberg / Davos summits where they are trained by WEF on what to do next. This is their plan, not ours, but we would be foolish to imagine that they are unable to. Implement it.

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