Shamanic Healing on the Road and a Photo of a Working in progress..

by Greg Rowe

Firstly, thanks to the good people who made our trip a success, Reverend Kathy at Unity of Garden Park in Cincinnati, and Pastor Brian Eastman, leader of Revelation Spiritual Church and founder of “UnTherapy”- LIIFT of that same city and Pastor Jim Lasher from Progressive Spiritualist Church of Indiannapolis and our hosts and hostesses, Bob and Linda Voges of Guilford and Tim and Laurie Callahan of Indy. Thanks to all of you for making our visit a success.

It was good chemistry with the vast majority of friends and congregants from all the above who met with Lori, who handles the Life Coaching, Emotion Code, and Quantum Touch side of things while I do the shamanic Work, and myself. During our several days in Ohio and Indiana, we helped a lot of people and your notes or messages of appreciation are greatly valued.

Back in the Seventies, I was told that this path would be one of perpetual learning and challenge. That has certainly proven to be correct. Sometimes the clients themselves teach us about the deeper meanings of that encounter between two persons that we refer to as energetic healing.

‘Gordy’ came to us with a few complaints and a pretty detailed history of physical challenges. He has high blood pressure, is significantly overweight, has diabetes, and is in a pear-shaped physique in his early sixties. I saw right away that he had all the markers of metabolic syndrome. I resolved that the best use of our time might be to make him aware of it and to suggest how he can investigate diet and lifestyle alterations that will prevent one of the predictable negative outcomes of that syndrome. In questioning about diet, he‘d recently given away cookware to charity and wanted to just eat frozen prepackaged, highly processed food that could be heated in a microwave. He used to enjoy walking, but now his legs feel heavy and start hurting when he tries to walk and also he runs out of energy quickly.

We discussed how to read labels, the various name changes like “corn solids,” used to hide the added sugars in foods, and even what additives like “butter flavor” (diacetyl) are detrimental to the brain. Toward the end of the session, he mentioned a dentist who had learned an energy healing technique and visited a church which he occasionally attended. He could “ feel the energy across the room.” I read the underlying subtext: I am a shaman. We are supposed to perform mystical feats. He wanted a mystical experience and instead got a very practical evaluation of diet and lifestyle choices that hopefully will prevent the train wreck ahead of him. That had to be our priority, as much as we enjoy exploring the imagination, the mind-body interface, etc. All of that as moot if Gordy does not get the metabolic syndrome resolved.

We run into this from time to time. A new client expects to be entertained,, to be swept up into an experience and instead finds a topic explored that even with great healthcare coverage and many visits to allopathic clinics, had not been raised. We weren’t trying to bore him, rather we were just going over the most pressing matters. It is perhaps a faculty that weighs on a practitioner but I could feel how tired this heart was and how fragile. Entertainment or raising consciousness about important health matters? I hope we helped by choosing the latter.

In another development of the trip, while working the clinic in Cincinnati, I was working with a mostly healthy 79 yer old who is very active and health conscious, despite having long worked a job that involved exposure to toxic chemicals. The main healthy challenge was multiple sore areas along the lower spine. It was becoming more difficult to stand for a long time or to keep up with his immaculate gardening.

As a priest, I try to know my limits and when to reach for the help of the Shining Ones to relieve the conditions of a client. I felt the presences of Louhi, Goddess of Shamans and Vellamo, Goddess of the Waters. Vellamo flooded the spinal canal with some sort of fluid to remove pain and relax him. Then I “knew” that Louhi wanted me to lift out the pattern of the whole spine. As She related it, the Goddess wanted to wash it in the healing waters of the lake of compassion, Sarajas, also know as the cold lake at the end of the World River, over which fjord is Her keep.

Normally those not of our faith might just read such an account as this and imagine that it is just (pun intended) my imagination, but when the client got up off the massage table, pain free and easily could bend over and touch his feet with legs straight and went on to work at a healing fair all day on his feet, clearly what She did worked!

Best of all, I felt the sensation building, that there was to be a transcendent moment, and asked an etheric photo to be taken. There, in it, you can see my standing over the man and an enlarged projection of his spine’s spiritual energy blueprint, part of his luonto, is clearly visible overhead and to my left, as I am moving it toward Sarajas for resolution.

It is refreshing and energizing when the dimensions come together and the Higher order beings which the eternal Shining Ones are, share a view from Their world with us.

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