Supplement of the Month- Read on and Guess!

I thought we’d make it a bit more interesting this time by first telling you the rather amazing properties of our Supplement of the Month, then listing some sources where you might want to read up on it, and find out how this extract from humble origins has such powerful beneficial effects on so many systems in our organisms.

This is a short list of actions of this supplement:

> anti-diabetic

> improves cognitive function and fights brain fog

> cardioprotective effects for erectile dysfunction

> improves blood glucose regulation

> strengthens blood vessel walls, lessening leakage

> reduces oxidative stress

> inhibits platelet aggregation 

> improves attention and performance in ADHD patients

> boosts nitric oxide production

Pretty amazing, right? Hard to believe that these effects all come from an humble source, the bark of the French Maritime Pine, which grows along that nation’s southwest coast. The active principal, our mystery supplement, is known as pycnogenol.

Here are a few places to read in more depth: › applications › detail › new-study-pycnogenol ®-boosts-nitric-oxide-production › health › pycnogenol

     › pycnogenol-benefits


And here are a couple of places where you can purchase this wonder supplement:

Swanson Ultra Pycnogenol 100 mg 30 Caps – Swanson®

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