The Real Pre-Op Surgery Guide

By Lori Kiersten

You’re about to have surgery, or you just did. You already know that life is going to be …different…for a while. But do you know how long “a while” is?

Has anyone talked to you about:

  • How the doctors don’t really know how long your healing will take (because your body is unique), and what to do to have the best shot at reaching that desired time goal?
  • Which emotional challenges are commonly experienced after surgery?
  • How to emotionally prepare for the healing period?
  • How to be an incredibly proactive, major contributing part of your healing, even if you are uncomfortable with speaking up?
  • Why you should quickly wean yourself from oxycodone? (It’s not just about addiction.)
  • How to consciously change the depth and speed of your healing with the right mindset?
  • That people with a predisposition to depression and anxiety can be most at risk deepened depression from certain medications?
  • All of the ways you can prepare for your time before and after surgery – how to track your meds with a surgery mind, how to prepare your living space, how to line up support for your emotional and physical needs?
  • How to prepare your mindset and your outlook so that when you meet the unexpected challenge you approach it more as an opportunity than as a punishment?
  • How unexpected emotional reactions can make you stop physical therapy before it’s time – and how to combat those reactions so that you get your full healing?

If not, you know the answer to this question: Is the information the doctors gave you that all you need to know to approach and move through surgery and into the healing phase?

It isn’t.

This book is the place you go to get that information!

The REAL Surgery Prep Book for Real People is a comprehensive review of all of the physical, emotional, attitudinal and spiritual aspects of healing that the doctors do not address but which are key to your healing.

This book will save you a lot of pain, confusion and fear, providing you with a real 360° vision of your journey before, after, and far beyond surgery. You can prepare, you can rally the troops, and you can get yourself into the right self-supportive mindset, and you can prepare your attitude and outlook so that you don’t lose hope, you don’t stand alone, and you do get as complete a healing as you can.

The REAL Surgery Prep Book was written by someone who has been in your shoes. Twice. Someone who knows that the surgery is literally just the beginning of the journey.

Included in The REAL Surgery Prep Book are Preparation Checklists, and blank pages for note-taking.
Lori Kirstein is a public speaker, author and Women Leaders Visibility Coach. She gives frequent talks about healing her 30+ years of depression and anxiety through the application of her 1% Solution™, and offers in-person workshops for Women Leaders struggling to feel visible, respected and comfortable with the ways in which they show up, birth businesses, and make their intended impact. Lori can be contacted at: RealSurgeryPrepBook@gmail.comand

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