Thinking about Spike Protein- we’re all at risk from shedding by the vaccinated

There is much evidence that many of the “new” respiratory diseases were lab-created, usually under the premise that by creating a new pathogen, studies could be undertaken to create cures or vaccinations, should a similar pathogen naturally emerge. Dr. David Martin does a thorough exploration of how AIDS, MERS, SARS and other diseases were patented often well before there was any public knowledge of an outbreak. Dr. Anthony Fauci, for example, received a patent for what we would later know as COVID-19 years before the “pandemic.”

And his is not the only breadcrumb implying that these diseases were artificially created:

For those of you who have not been closely following the health crisis engendered by the introduction of lab-created UR pathogens such as SARS, MERS, and Covid-19, the spike protein, created by the latter, let’s review how it causes multiple damage to the body and brain:

Connection between spike proteins and uptick in cancer cases by Dr. Ryan Cole:

An ongoing problem is that the MRNA vaccines ‘teach’ the body to create its own spike proteins and in persons vaccinated with the Pfizer, Moderna, or Jansen products, it has been observed that those who are not vaccinated are receiving spike proteins shedded (viral shedding is a known phenomenon) by the vaccinated:

Most of our readers have been following the “scamdemic” closely over the past years and have refused vaccination. Often, it was just a matter of fighting against the “mandate” (a mandate is not a law passed by a legislative body and cannot be legally binding, (if one bothers to fight it…) The above is just offered as a refresher for those only peripherally familiar with the controversy, and of course the great presentations with several medical and biological researchers in the Stew Peters website goes into much more detail than we have space for in this blog.

The point of this essay, that being said, is for those of us who “feel funny” after being around vaccinated people, or, even worse, the pubic health hazard of vaccinated people who are actively carrying yet another version of a virus and were coughing or sneezing in our presence. Unless you live in a cave, it can be hard to avoid such an exposure.

For that reason, I thought it might be helpful to post a couple of suggested prophylactic measures for you to evaluate to fight the artificially induced UR (upper respiratory) disorders which our health authorities seem to warn us about even as they release the same.

1. Consider using an atomizer. There are a few different versions of atomizers available, but basically, they all take a small quantity of fluid and “steam” so that you can inhale the vapors.

On one occasion in mid-2022, I was exposed to a client who had the two shots plus a booster and was coughing. I started to get a raspy, dry cough the next day, which I remembered, having had original Covid in 12/19 and a later variant in 05/19, was an early symptom of the disorder. Fortunately, by then, I had the atomizer. I used it once before retiring at night and upon waking the next day. It prevented a recurrence. I do not recommend my formula to anyone. I just want to open the discussion so that you can investigate and possibly formulate your own formula for an anti-UR “viral infection”

Ginger Extract 60 ml

Oil of Thyme 25 ml

Oil of Cajeput 14 ml

DMSO 1 ml

Mix 2 parts of the above compound with 8 parts distilled water, e.g., 20 ml solution with 80 ml water. Shake well and put into atomizer. 

I would then breathe in as deeply as possible and hold breath a few seconds. I took five inhalations before bed and upon rising. On one day, where I started feeling urge to cough, I held it low against the trachea and lungs. In holding breath in, I would pinch nostrils and compress lungs as if in belly breathing- the cough urge went away. That was the only day that I used it 3x a day.

The above is a formula which I used that worked. Other friends have tried it with good results.

2. A possible combination to remove or greatly reduce spike protein infestation:

> Neprinol or Heal-n-Soothe; both are enzymatic formulas to reduce fibrin build up, post infection or injury. I have tried both for post exertion soreness and general joint aches. I used 2 Neprinol 3x a day or 2 Heal-n-Soothe twice a day. Both are enzyme based therapeutic compounds to increase circulation and decrease chronic pain, but they are reported to work in this usage also.

> Black Seed Extract, usually available as a pearl or capsule

> Sea Moss

> Nattokinase

> Serrapeptase

> Dandelion Extract

The overgrowth of spike protein can have different effects. In one client, he had experienced brain fog afterward, which, according to his very independent minded MD, was likely due to the “d dimmer” profusion of small blood clots and spike proteins from the vaccine (he’d taken it from a “normal” allopathic clinic prior to finding the new MD). He started taking the above and within six weeks the brain fog was gone and sharp memory and mental acuity returned.

In another person, she had formerly been very active physically, working out several times a week with fast walking and Pilates. After the “vaccine” and boosters, she lost most of her aerobic capacity and started experiencing shortness of breath. As a nurse, this client suspected spike protein was blocking proper flow in the pulmonary artery and the brachial and femoral arteries. After using the above for six weeks, most of her aerobic capacity was restored, although her memory was very much still affected, which she attributed to the graphene oxide (another experimental drug (“vaccine”) component) reaching the capillaries in the brain.

These suggested remedies are offered for evaluation only. This a pastoral healing service based upon psychic and energetic  approaches to healing. Use of herbal or homeopathic remedies is based upon the literature of each discipline and on anecdotal experiences of clients or practitioners who have used these. Do research the uses and applications of components yourself and discuss with a healthcare professional prior to using.

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