Tinnitus- Over half my clients over Fifty Have It

There is no really direct way with our techniques to dampen the whooshing, ringing, or other annoying noises involved with tinnitus. There are many putative causes, including repeated exposure loud noises and even possible damage from the constant exposure to electronic frequencies coming at our brains and sense organs from all directions. As best I can tell from a lot of research studies, it is caused by a small nerve that as it ceases to carry a signal, it generates a phantom signal, resulting in tinnitus.

l found a good exploration of this from a site that sells a remedy, Cortexi. It has a blend of herbs and there’s an explanation of what each one does for tinnitus. But, as with many online products, only half or less of the capsule is filled with their proprietary blend of herbs. The other half is what, in the context of supplements, I call ‘filler.’ This is just a multivitamin mix. In other speciality supplements, targeting one issue, such as weight loss, again, there might be a viable combination of herbal extracts, but at least half the weight of the supplement you buy is just a multivitamin/ mineral combination. If you are already taking a general vitamin and mineral supplement daily, this is a rip-off. Supplement makers can buy the synthetic vitamins or a whole “one a day” type for much less than the blend of often rare herbs, so their production cost is lowered, as, unfortunately, is the quality of the targeted supplement, aimed at whatever problem you’re taking it for- here tinnitus.

This led to my asking a journeyman who can afford to always be taking courses and is taking a comprehensive herb course, if anyone at the herb school has looked into this. To my surprise, someone has. As with any other exploration of supplements or herbal extracts in this blog, this is not a recommendation, but only a suggestion for you to research for yourself and to follow up prior to taking by consulting with a licensed healthcare provider. The following paragraphs will fill you in, straight from the text, what was learned.

Gingko biloba is fairly satisfactory in tinnitus and vertigo. Rhodiola rosea has also been effective, especially using together with gingko in early tinnitus. Kidney function improvement is something to look at for tinnitus and a homeopathic product called Vertigo-Heel is a ‘must keep in stock” effective product for this that my professor keeps in stock for his practice. It is a German-made product which he recommends to use first, then the rhodiola-heavy herbal blend as in previous text- I don’t have a specific formula for that. People who want to try it can get it at vertigoheel.com

If any of our Teutonic Healing readers know of an effective formula, please write this site so that we can share it with all others. We post this kind of thing as a public service. Suggested  nutritional support supplements are offered for evaluation only. This a pastoral healing service based upon psychic and energetic approaches to healing. Use of herbal or homeopathic remedies is based upon the literature of each discipline and on anecdotal experiences of clients or practitioners who have used these over many millennia in the ancient Scandinavian tradition of Tietaja. In some modern Tietajar training, we shamanic students learn global herbalism and so suggestions may use herbs employed in diverse indigenous healing traditions. Do research the uses and applications of components yourself and discuss it with a licensed healthcare professional prior to using.

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