When a Spectacular Healing Occurs, it’s the Gods and Goddesses Whom we Must Thank

by Greg Rowe August 31, 2021


I had a healing session scheduled for over a month, to take place February 7th at our office in Limestone County, AL. A client from Tennessee was bringing her mother down from South Carolina. I asked the client to give us some preliminary information on what sort of health challenges we would be helping her with. It turned out to be a daunting set of challenges.

Four days before our session, she filled in some background details. “’Mildred’ contracted polio when she was five years old and her mother didn’t take her to the hospital for any treatment / relief. She suffers with bone spurs on her spine, severe curvature, and 4 slipped discs. She recently had a left knee replacement. She was born in 1947.”

The Awesome Presence of the Shining Ones

Our appointment was for 12:30 and our office is just a few minutes from my residence, so I cleared my schedule for Friday morning so that I could begin remote Work by following the threads of the Web of Wyrd to discern what was wrong with her, how she experienced it, and what I how I might begin clearing some of the issues prior to her arrival. I was shown that she had tingling, pins and needles, and / or numbness in her hand and that the most troubling bone spurs were in cervical spine, where they were both ‘active’ (on outer spinal process) and intervertebral. I Saw some which were thoracic. I had experienced success previously, Working remotely with a young Marine with scoliosis, so I went to Work on that also

When I began to Work, I invoked the Gods and Goddesses, as I always do in our ancient Tietajar tradition (at least as my teachers passed it on to me), “Gods and Goddesses of my Folk, I ask You to help me with a healing. May my hands become as Your hands (I lift my hands, while facing North and standing). May my eyes be as Your eyes,( looking forward and slightly up, and toward North.) Make of my mine, Your mind, that we fight against suffering, illness, and debility here in Middle Earth.” I felt the presence of Freyja, Goddess of Healing Arts. I knew to invoke Her, later, in the space of the office and just prior to starting the session, but, here, two hours ahead of time, I felt an immediate message, echoing through me, as if a strong, smooth, pleasant female voice were speaking from an unknown source in the room, “I am Vellamo and I will help you. Call me, henceforth, Our Lady of the Waters.” Next, I heard a male voice, “Call me, Lord of Light and Life. You know me as Balder. I will help you in this task.” I had a feeling of tingling over my entire body as They spoke. I thanked Them and continued Working. This was about 9 am. When I went to the office, I specifically called for the three of Them to lend Their Power, Freyja, Vellamo, and Balder. The sensation at the office was just as strong. I began, right after that, of asking the client of her sensation in the hand, which she confirmed. I trust the Godin implicitly, but I always test my own impressions. I also wanted to know if she were normally in severe pain. She confirmed it. I also wanted to know if the Work prior to their arrival had been efficacious so I asked if she were in pain on the way down. She had not been. I make nothing of it, just confirmation that, perhaps, some of the thoracic Work had been useful, then Calli joined me. Calli had recently been communing, as she has a special relationship with Him, with Ve, Odin’s brother, and God of Sacred Spaces. He has recently shown her the blue flame we learned as “sisu” (although this in modern useage means a tough, resilient attitude), and “bengta”, an orange flame, and the ueses of each, which she applied throughout our Work. Likewise, she provided image reports on where each system was damaged, and how the progress of restoration was proceeding- invaluable!

The Healing Session

Patient: 74 years old, semiretired Diagnoses: scoliosis, 14 vertebrae with degenerative disc disease, of these presenting four slipped discsp. Post traumatic adhesion in right shoulder form untreated fall injury from horseback accident when in early 20’s, loss of function in left hand due to falling down concrete steps over 20 years prior to visit, damaging left elbow. Bunions with in-curved fusion at both feet. Chronic anomalous (cause can’t be figured out) indigestion, despite courses of probiotics and endoscopic exams Bone spurs both active and intervertebral present in all of cervical and upper thoracic. Radiculopathy is resultant bilaterally. Loss of function and continual pain also from 3 slipped cervical and one thoracic disc. Stenosis had also been diagnosed in upper lumbar, but we did not See this particular diagnostic point, so hoping it was in error and will not cause any ongoing issues. Symptoms: Neck cannot rotate more than 60 degrees to right; 40 degrees to left or shooting pain ensures. Right hand frequently unusable due to pins and needles, numbness, or dull constant pain. Right arm will not rotate backward at shoulder past 3:30 nor upward past 4:30. Left fingers adhesion with cooking at middle finger, difficult to grasp things or type. Both hands difficult to open or close fully front neuromuscular deterioration, partially due to polio damage. Continual chronic pain (background level 6) at all times with breakthrough at edge of losing consciousness. Episodes of severe pain in left hand and forearm when gardening, lifting anything, in actions bot of adduction and abduction. Feet had compressed toe pattern and enlarged balls of feet due to having worn high heels for decades, no space between toes and much inward curvature, as following pointed shoes that were probably also too short. This, of course, exacerbated spinal stress.


Proposed Conventional treatment: Old injuries inoperable due to extensive presence of scar tissue. Neural deterioration too extensive and potential complications in removing bone spurs surgically, or operating on that many discs at this age and state of deterioration renders these options unfeasible. Palliative care and anti- inflammatory prescriptions were only treatment recommended to her.


Treatment began: Remote Phase, Working to remove spurs and scoliosis; 9 am, targeting bone spurs.

In person at office with patient: 12:30-2pm (It is ironic when people hold my work to a clock, when so much goes on before and after, not a taxi service, lol…) Calli and Greg:

Post Session Range of Motion and Symptom Inventory: At end of treatment, patient could fully articulate both hands. We could not induce the pain reported in left forearm / hand, no matter what motions tried, simulating actions of gardening that had triggered it. Right arm now lifts to 12:00. Right arm now rotates rearward to 5:00. Patient can now grasp hands behind back and overhead. Both hands now fully open and close without issue. By soft tissue adjustment and osteophyte / bunion reduction, both large toes now open with space between them and next toe, rather than all jammed together, as it had been on both feet from over 30 years of wearing high heels to work every day. Neck now rotates 90 degrees to right; 70 degrees to left. Indigestion found to be caused by Head Forward Syndrome. 30 degree correction made on site and supplemental exercises suggested for home follow up.

AND BEST OF ALL, patient’s report the next day, Saturday, 2/8/20: “Greg! Thank you so much Mildred is pain free for the first time in 50 years…. she’s so happy! You and Calli are amazing!”

Background disciplines helpful: neurology, spinal anatomy, musculoskeletal pathology, Norse Theology, Suommonescu Theology, deep meditation on and communication with Gods and Goddesses of both Pantheons, Who offered to help, each doing different parts of the Work through us.

Many years training in channeling, directing, and using Their energy and available cosmic energies and three years supervised practice under master healers.

Our client was and is Christian, so she may not have wanted to hear it, but, as they were leaving, much on their minds, she said, “You fixed my joints and pain with magic.” I replied, “What the Gods and Goddesses do for us is like ‘medical magic.’”

Such events as those of the Friday past are very humbling. We could never accomplish what happens were it not for Their loving intervention in the lives of people. For being an instrument of this help from the Shining Ones, Calli and I are both most grateful. It does not always go this well. This person was desperate for solutions, was not holding anything back, nor waiting to see if Calli or I could intuit a cause or part of the diagnosis that she had not heard from Allopathy previously. There was no attitude of “I’ve been to ____ healers and ______ therapy and gone to the ______ reservation and sat with a shaman for a weekend and it’s all still there….” There was no bitterness, no cynicism, nor expectation that it would Work, rather an openness to the possibility. She simply wanted relief, help, resolution, and, thanks to the eternal Gods and Goddesses, she received it.

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