While Sitting Around a Midsummer’s Fire with Friends

by Greg Rowe July 25, 2021

After we had walked the circuit of the fire, tossing in those things we want lessened in our experiences, a full CCW circuit, mimicking the circuit of the sun, which shall bring those of us still on the ride, back around to this sacred day next year, we shared. One person shared being disturbed in mid-sleep by a negative extradimensional entity, which seemed to be physically pulling him up out of the bed. Another recounted her frustration at still being attached, parasitized by what appeared to be a small dragon-like entity. How could this happen when she was shielding herself regularly?

It was occasion to reflect on how our spiritual or non-material reality is, like our physical reality, full of benevolent and malevolent actors. We may pretend that it is not so. We may imagine that, if only we think positive thoughts, such beings cannot, or dare not, bother us. This is wishful thinking and in my recent experience a very self-absorbed lady who said she just is not bothered by such things because she just says “No” is, herself a carrier of insectoids. Our attitude makes little difference to such beings. So, what, then, attracts them? It is, to borrow from electronics, our amplitude. The more psionic power, the more mental, emotional charge we seem to carry, the more likely we are to have such a being try to parasitize or spiritually assault us.

The friend who had gotten very good at shielding had gone to a mutual friend, who meditated on the question of how the attack could have occurred in the presence of shielding, and concluded that it was because the victim used to carry a lot of fear. Yet I know people who have been attacked who would only get annoyed or angry in the presence of harmful stimuli to which others would respond with fear.

It turns out that the carrier, and it had happened more than once, was a friend with whom my friend had once gone to church for several years, prior to finding the real Old Time Religion, Forn Sidr. In considering this link, I understood the process in terms which I learned in training. When we build bridges with others through love or fellowship, negative entities that might inhabit those people, even when we are shielded from the outside world that we might encounter at a workplace or when shopping, can cross that bridge and harm us. They are using the energetic ‘bridge’ of a relationship to cross from one host to another.

The very act of making ourselves open to the affection, energy, or exchange involved in friendship, fellowship, or intimacy leaves us open to that transfer, making it important that we seek out such companions carefully, looking not for challenges or thrills, but rather the soul-sustaining Higher qualities in others that we would like to manifest in ourselves.

Of course, one might have a relation or weak friend with whom relationship is inevitable and for such a person, visualize a filter- I personally see it as a ‘mesh’, like a curtain of white light through which only Higher energies might pass from them to me, no entities allowed! This usually works.

Still, we are only human, and part of the human condition is that of being somewhat vulnerable. There are no guarantees that at some point an insectoid or other harmful entity might attach to us. It is part of the price of being in human community, of having peers, friends, and relations, and, safe as it might seem, I, for one, am not ready to retreat to the cave.

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