Zombie Army of the Vaccinated

by Greg Rowe May 23, 2021

I rushed back from one of my very rare vacations. An urgent text came in from an existing patient. A friend of hers, a nurse from hours away needed an appointment, today Saturday, 05/22. if possible. She had received the shot at urging of her health care facility in March. She was quickly losing major functions and the physicians whom she had seen had been unable to affect the trajectory at all. Could I see her today? She was no longer able to drive, so it would have to be today,

This is one of those challenges for which there is no preparation. If you are one of us, a priest or priestess of the Gods and Goddesses, you simply Trust the Shining Ones. You trust the Divine process that perhaps through Them, a troubling decline, that had already robbed this lady of her livelihood and soon could rob her of more could be reversed.

I am certain that further interventions shall be required. As the process is not a simple one, but the COVID Moderna vaccination was a hinge point in the decline. I admit that, scientifically, I am not certain what I was Seeing, but I shall try to describe it. The processes going on are unlike any other systemic illness that I have encountered.



Patient is 41, married, no children, has been working in healthcare for over 15 years. In January, 2020, hysterectomy and taking pregnenolone for hormone support. Immediately afterward, anxiety began to manifest, leading to a debilitating episode requiring hospitalization in April, 2020. Other depression and anxiety agents were tried, but there was a reaction to Buspar, so from June of 2020, she has been on Geodon and Paxil for, bipolar disorder and anxiety, respectively.

Fearing contraction of COVID from patient contact and at the urging of her institution, she took the Moderna shot in March, 2021.

Within two weeks of vaccination, her eyes began to blink and close uncontrollably. Worse, during Intake, she was literally facing me, fingers on forehead, holding eyes open, as they wanted to involuntarily close. Being unable to control her eyes, of course, threatens her continuing in nursing, as visual acuity is prerequisite. Physicians tried to treat this by injecting extraoccular muscles with Botox. This worked temporarily, but they then injected into wider maxillofacial muscles, as the effect on the eyes diminished with habituation. (This is as patient reported. I do not have any case file, but she seems well versed in what happened.) During initial interview, she reported, when we reached healing chamber, that her eyes were trying to close completely.

Post-Inoculation Symptoms:

Since that vaccination, the following additional symptoms manifested and have progressively worsened until the present:

> dysphasia, difficulty swallowing and, due to this, great decline from healthy weight. She appears significantly malnourished, as if bulemic.

> Uncontrollable twitching, which continues, even while trying to sleep. During Intake, she could not sit still and both legs were bouncing, shoulders appeared to twitch involuntarily as well.

> Shortness of Breath: she reports having to force inhalations and feels that the breaths of of short duration and shallow. This was later affirmed as I asked to to do both chest and diaphragmic deep, slow breaths.

> Dry coughing happens sporadically, but was not taking place during intake. She and her husband reported that it happens frequently throughout day without particular pattern of occurrence.

> Breathing feels labored, as though she has to force it. I could observe lots of motion in chest and even shoulders, as if a form of gasping, but, disturbingly, this took place continuously.

Further Investigating the UR Distress:

The latter, along with the eyes, were to be my targets for today’s Work. In a relaxed, supine position, I observed the upper respiratory pattern, then gently felt the trachea during inhalation. She was swallowing with every breath.

My initial intuitions were that the breathing issue was multideterminate, being driven both by somaticized anxiety and by a real deficit in the breathing sequence, which I Saw was taking place at a neurological level. I suspected an affluent misfiring wherein the respiratory cortex was linking to and sympathetically initiating the nucleus ambiguus through bilateral motoneuron pools and involvement of cranial nerves VII and IX. After all, the respiratory and swallowing centers are proximal in medulla and brain stem, respectively and if the vaccine triggered COVID- like symptoms, as is being reported, likely the resulting inflammation resulted in a triggered impulse cascade.

Psychological Correlates

Simultaneously, she felt trapped and hopeless over the constant, conscious battle for breath. Having twice been stricken with COVID, the first time in early December, 2019, I can empathize with this. My battle for breath lasted just three weeks on that occasion, so I can’t imagine enduring this for six weeks, nor watching it become more and more labored. This feeling on her part potentiated the anxiety, depression, and overall sense of helplessness.


While I am not supposed to publish, nor would it make sense to those outside the Tietajar, the exact techniques used, I uncoupled the two brain centers. I tried to assure that each operated separately and that breathing did not trigger any other activity.

After doing so, I tested her, supine, seated, and standing, confirming that normal breathing sequence would be restored.

The next target was the lung capacity. I shared with her that I Saw particular blockage in the right lung, which she confirmed she had been feeling increasingly since the vaccination. I cleared the alveoli of appeared to be a sticky kind of substance and did a sweep also of the trachea and left lung. I continued until patient reported that breathing was returned to normal. The swallowing did not recur.

My next target was the extroccular musculature. Again, as with the breathing, I traced the etiology to brain states, where erratic movement was being triggered in the eyes, but did not originate there. I attenuated the neuronal sequencing and returned blinking to the mixture of autonomic and voluntary control and recalibrated it to the circadian rhythm, such that patient’s eyes would not be in deep sleeping mode while she is awake, active, and needing visual inputs.

After reconstructing these circuits, I asked her to open and close her eyes at will, then to sit up and see if she had to hold them open. She was able to use them normally.

The next objective was to reduce the depressive anxiety, which I Saw was most likely due to a frontal parietal lobar disintegration process that had been going on for several years. While, due to time constraints and multiple objectives, I did not ask about probable TBI and / or experienced depressive anxiety events or conditions, this should be explored in future sessions.

I did the restoration in the areas her Hammingja indicated. I then asked the patient how much of the fidgeting she manifested on coming here was due to anxiety, or was transient brain activity. She said that she had felt anxious all the way here but was now calm. We had this conversation as she was seated on edge of table and I pointed out to her that her body was no longer twitching.

Pastoral Advice for Patient Self-Management:

Then I invited her husband to join us and for her to explain to him, so that he could help to anchor these improvements, the absence of symptoms.

I reinforced this psychologically by exploring the sense of isolation-within-an-inexplicable-illness, which she was experiencing. I explored with her the importance of connecting to all that is above, below, and around us, and the visualizations with which to do that. I also suggested that, should an anxiety invoking experience or situation arise, that she watch herself, almost objectively, and deliberated slow and deepen the breathing, rather than yielding to it through rapid, shallow breathing.

Both her husband and friend, who brought her were able to witness all the reversals of symptoms as we discussed and explored this, with her permission, of course, with them.This was to create further, social reinforcement for the improvement and a way upward out of despair and hopelessness.

Is this Case a Harbinger? Broader Implications:

The above are the clinical notes. As you can see, the patient was far from a ‘zombie,’ but it was as if some other, alien being had seized her. The vaccination appeared to potentiate the existing comorbid mental-emotional disorders, while creating new physical conditions that would invoke at least a form of the disorder even in a person normally exempt.

I have read with great trepidation about the kinds of reactions that we shall soon be seeing in the vaccinated persons who come our way. While I hope it is not the case, I fear, too, that some allopaths may try to evade the role of the vaccines in these emergent multisymptomatic conditions because they, their colleagues, or institutions urged the controversial vaccines in the first place.

What I observed today was a set of recently emerged neurological issues and some respiratory symptoms which seemed to eerily mirror those of the disease which the vaccines are to prevent.

I don’t know where it goes from here, but I do know that the Deities can handle whatever a corrupt and power hungry politicized healthcare matrix has thrown at us. Certainly, this is not all healthcare providers, but it is what is well funded, backed by coercive legal powers, and media conditioning. We can only hope and pray that such cases as this are rare and mild and do the hard research and ground ourselves as servants of the Shining Ones to help to make a difference when they are not.

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